Scans Available and Prices

The primary purpose of all of the scans are to check fetal wellbeing, heartbeat and movement.

Early scan 7 - 12 weeks

15 minute scan to determine viability

£69  €89

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Dating scan

15 minute scan to date pregnancy

£69  €89

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Gender scan 18+ weeks

15 minute scan to look at gender

£69  €89

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Reassurance scan

5 - 10 minute scan to look at movement

£49  €65

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Growth scan

20 minute scan to measure growth

£89  €110

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Anomaly scan 19 - 24 weeks

A 30 minute, thorough scan from head to toe with measurements

£150  €179

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3D/4D scan 27 - 32 weeks

Full anomaly check 30 minute scan to look at baby in 3D/4D includes USB*

£159  €189

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*If your baby's position is not favourable to obtain 3D/4D images of the face, you will be offered ONE COMPLEMENTARY RESCAN appointment.

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Our main clinic is now located in Newry, we also have a clinic in Dundalk



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